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Retail and CPG Analytics

In recent times, the digital sphere has had an increasingly significant role to play in the retail industry. With the advent of retail analytics tools, brands are now able to track customer experience, sales, supply chain movement, and much more. To help you leverage these tools and optimize business growth, we provide high-end solutions that are innovative, insightful, and impactful. That’s not all; we also employ an enterprise-wide model in CPG companies to help streamline offerings, enhance customer lifetime value, and power smarter, faster decisions.

consumer packaged good/retail/ecommerce analytics

Our retail analytics solutions include:

Optimization Solutions

  • Assortment optimization
  • OOS analysis
  • Demand forecasting
  • Pricing analytics
  • Marketing mix modelling
  • Competitor pricing analysis
  • Markdown optimization
  • Store profitability analysis
  • Staff optimization


  • Competitive analysis
  • Location planning & store opening
  • Business planning

Customer-centric solutions

  • Customer segmentation
  • Forecasting fashion trends
  • Customer loyalty analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Customer relationship at-risk analysis
  • CSAT analysis
  • Market basket analysis
  • Web path analysis
  • Web search analysis
  • Marketing campaign response
  • Channel preference
  • Personalized recommendations

Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Network planning & optimization
  • Inventory & safety stock planning

Omni-channel solutions

  • Mapping online & offline interactions
  • Cross-channel contextualized marketing
  • Contextualized cross/upsell for BOPUS customers
  • Augmented assortment localization leveraging online data
  • Localized Demand Estimation (SFS)
  • Optimized location for order pick-up (BOPUS)

E-commerce Analytics

The online marketing space is constantly evolving. In order to cope with this fast-paced economy, the e-commerce industry must stay abreast of what’s trending and selling. At Matrix & Vectors, we undertake e-commerce analytics to ensure that you are fully equipped to generate increased sales and maximize ROI.

Web Analytics

Web analytics solutions are emerging as one of the most effective tools in the domain of internet marketing as they help turn insights into actions. By analysing web analytics data, Matrix & Vectors helps you gain meaningful insights on website traffic, identify prominent business portals, and track and analyse online behavior.

Our wide range of offerings enable you to:

  • Grow your customer base and retain profitable customers
  • Improve operational efficiency and harness automation opportunities
  • Track customers with suspicious activities and manage risks

Social Media Analytics

The coming of social media has caused a paradigm shift in the way we interact with each other, making it a highly popular communication channel and an influential tool for all marketers. With the help of social media analytics, we help you build a sound social media strategy to offer greater engagement and higher brand visibility.

Social media metrics

Social media strategies are modelled based on an organization’s business objectives, and employ metrics to determine the efficiency of their online communication efforts. These include:

Online brand visibility: This is an indicator of the online awareness of a brand. To help improve this metric, we provide organizations with brand visibility measurement tools such as:

  • Brand mentions: This refers to the number of times a brand is mentioned during a given time period. It helps brands understand the level of awareness and effectiveness of their advertising or engagement initiatives
  • Share of voice: This tool compares the number of company-related conversations with the number of competitor-centric conversations to help you understand the quality of your engagement initiatives
  • Sentiment: This is used to understand public attitude towards a brand which is gauged from the audience’s tone and conversations

Clickstream Data Analytics

Clickstream data helps provide information regarding online customer behaviour and customer shopping patterns. These insights allow you to optimize customer buying paths which in turn reduces bounce rates and improves conversions, helping you find, target, and retain your desired customer base.

At Matrix & Vectors, we use clickstream analysis to help customers answer complex business questions such as:

  • What is the most efficient path for a website visitor to research and buy a product?
  • What products do visitors tend to buy together and what are they most likely to buy in the future?
  • Should resources be spent on fixing or enhancing user experience for customers on websites?

Personal Recommender System

Personalization plays an integral role in E-commerce websites as it significantly improves shopping experience and product sales. At Matrix & Vectors, we build personalized recommendation engines that understand visitor preferences and provide relevant recommendations and products in real time. This then enables organizations to push relevant content or products to optimize the user journey and ensure customer satisfaction.

By utilizing a personal recommender system, you can leverage:

  • Improved user-experience: Based on user-history, we help you understand customer affinity, allowing you to provide personalized content to users
  • Increased conversion rates: The use of personalized tools helps send customers product/service recommendations based on their profile and online behavior
  • Customer view: The key to determining profitable outcomes is by understanding customer profiles, needs, and behavior. We provide a single touch point that enables you to obtain meaningful insights and anticipate future behavior

Big Data

While Big Data may have been around for a few years, organizations have only just begun to understand its true value. Through the use of Big Data technology, you can gather and analyze structured and unstructured data, discover patterns, build statistical models, and capture overall impact. What’s more, you can do all this in real time to improve operational efficiency and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

We, at Matrix & Vectors, help you apply big data technologies such as:

Hadoop and MapReduce

Java and Python

Scoop, Hive, Pig, Kafka, and HBase

Machine Learning with Mahout and Spark


With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, the future of the retail industry now lies in the hands of the digital marketplace. Which is why marketers today are increasingly turning to the online space for better results. However, the transition from offline to online retailing is not easy. To support retailers in this regard, we have developed EnGauge – a comprehensive solution that offers a personalized experience to customers through the power of targeted messaging.



Messaging that dissuades
rather than persuade

Purchase above INR 150 and get a McChicken/McVeggie for free.

Mid-Season Sale is on! Get flat 50% off on select shirts.


Targeted messaging for effective customer engagement

It’s been a month since you last visited. Order your favorite McSpicy Meal and get 10% off!

We know you love our Chinese Collar Shirts. Come, grab a bunch and get 50% off!

What’s more, you can use EnGauge in several other ways, including:

  • As a service to generate personalized insights
  • As a software component to generate real-time recommendations for online channels
  • As a self-service platform to enable marketers to design, execute, and track automated campaigns, on-premise or on Cloud

This means you can personalize your efforts based on a segment-level and customer-level classification, allowing for:

Greater customer engagement

Increased ROI

Improved customer loyalty